The Five Coolest Soccer Tricks You Can Learn


Jordan Sidoo says Soccer is a sport that is enjoyed by people of all ages around the world. There are many different skills and techniques that can be used to improve your game. Here are 5 of the coolest soccer tricks that you can learn to show off your skills on the field.

5 Coolest Soccer Tricks You Can Learn

1. The elastic: This move is also known as the “flip-flop” because it involves quickly changing directions. To do this move, start by dribbling the ball toward your right foot. Then, quickly change directions and plant your left foot next to the ball. Finally, use your right foot to flick the ball over your left leg and back into your path. This move is often used to surprise defenders and get around them.

2. The Rainbow Flick: This one is sure to impress your friends. To do this move, start by kicking the ball up in the air with your right foot while using your left foot to hold the ball in place. Next, quickly bring your left leg up and over the ball while flipping it up in the air with your right foot. Finally, control the ball as it comes down with your chest before passing it to a teammate or shooting at the goal.

3. The Scorpion Kick: The scorpion kick is a great way to score goals from long range or clear the ball away from danger if you are a goalkeeper. To execute this kick, start by lying on your back with your legs in the air and pointing toward the goal. Next, use your upper body strength to lift your hips off of the ground and swing your legs over your head so that you are doing a reverse handstand position with only your heels touching the ground. As you swing your legs back over your head, kick the ball with the back of your heel towards the goal while keeping everything else stationery. This kick gets its name from its similarity to a scorpion’s sting!

4. The Nutmeg: This is a great way to humiliate an opponent who is trying to defend you. To pull off a nutmeg, start by dribbling straight at your defender while they are trying to stay between you and the goal. When they try to block off one side of their body, quickly pass or shoot the ball through their legs and watch as they turn around in confusion as you sprint past them toward the goal!

5 Forteza’s Knuckleball: This move was made famous by Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo but can be replicated by any soccer player with a little bit of practice. To do this trick, start by kicking the ball so that it spins end over end like a knuckleball pitch in baseball would. As it spins it will naturally start to dip down toward the ground making it hard for defenders or goalkeepers to predict where it will go next! Try this move when shooting from long range for the best results!

In the end,

Soccer tricks are a great way to improve your skills on the field and show off your talents to friends and teammates alike! With a little practice, anyone can master these moves and use them to their advantage in game situations.

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